Saturday, 19 May 2012

Gabba Gabba Haway Haway

I dont usually review a band more than once , but saw the Rawmones for second time in Trillians last night with Bob and he loved em. He said he knew virtually every song within about twenty seconds. That was the genius of the Ramones , minimalist but every song different , pop music for punk rockers.

The Rawmones are Tynesides (and probably the worlds) finest Ramones Tribute band,

Powered by the hardest working man in the world Adas Pepper (graphic designer and drummer for the Reet Hot Chili Peppers and the Chestwigs as well as Wonky Chomp)  , they came to a grinding halt when just about to launch into "Beat On The Brat" , but with some solder and a little technical expertise they powered on through around 90 minutes of pure brilliant including the encores.

The Set
1234 - Ready To Go
These are a band you must see , weel aware that Ramones songs are like smarties , you cant eat just one you have to have the whole tume and while they may look the same there are a lot of different colours in there. Lots of favourites , as you can see from the setlist:

The Rawmones website is here so you can see and hear them , but it's best if you see them live. Catch them if you can