Saturday, 6 February 2016

Amazons in The Gallery (Circus) - Think Tank?

This week has been hectic and last night was no exception. Met with my friend Amy in Bar Loco and mentioned that where we were sitting was when I first encountered Gallery Circus in 2009 see here. I thought two angsty whiny students, turned out I was wrong , they were an excellent part of a great night and were the headline act at a Think Tamk? gig last night. I've seen them a few times since the Bar Loco gig and they get better each time I see them.

Anyway the gig:

Tickets were six quid , a pittance given the four bands you got for the money.


Very much the token indie band , not really my scene but they got a good reaction from the crowd.

Cave Suns:

Their tuning up was a welcome noise fest and started off with some monolithic blues reminiscent of Captain Beefheart's "Hard Workin Man" . I've not found any decent video of them but they were more than worth the admission fee alone. Great crowd interaction and they have a new EP coming out soon . Track em down.


The surprising thing about The Amazons was the unfeasible number of guitars, but this four piece were another serving as good as if not better than Cave Suns  The nearest touchpoint was Liverpool's The Sound Of Guns , a great rock band deserving to be headlining at bigger venues. After the y finished their set I said to Amy that Gallery Circus mus be confident to top a line up as good as this and she agreed.

They had a large female following , but the music was riveting rock.

Their Don't You Wanna EP is on Amazon now here. 

Gallery Circus:

I have a confession to make . I don't know the titles of an Gallery Circus songs , but to me they are an irrestistable musical force that needs to be experienced in a live setting without any compromise. Despite an amp failure and disco curfew the did not disappoint. Energy , noise , and some incredibly music from the duo were delivered in spades . They have the "WTF" factor and delivered half an hour of amazing music , culminating unexpectedly with a thunderous take on Ziggy Stardust , which they have been playing for at least a year , but was still a touching reminder of Bowie's departure.

So all in all an amazing night, showing how much grass roots music is alive and kicking in various forms.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Can Your Pussy Do The Dog ...... Again?

Roller Derby Kerry
Kerry From The Back
Seven years ago at The Cluny Dave Campbell curated and starred one of the most impressive nights I have experienced anywhere. My thoughts on the event are here . Tonight in the guise of The Gramps fronted by Lux Inferior we were treated to amazing set tributing one of the best rock and roll bands ever.

On the stairs I met Kerry who was wearing her dad's original Cramps "Can Your Pussy Do The Dog"   T-Shirt and she definitely wore it well , as well as showing excellent taste in music.


 First up were The Ravaged , a four piece real garage band hitting the crowd with originals and covers, the drummer also sang which is no mean feat and I was told he drums for the mighty Slack Babbath Ididnt get any video and I believe this was their first gig , but I will go and see them next time they are playing.

Great sixties style garage band reminiscent of The Sonics and ? and The Mysterions

The Ravaged were a great appetizer for the main course , the be-suited Gramps fronted by a beturbanned Lux Inferior launching straight into "Can Your Pussy Do The Dog" before following with "Some New Kind Of Kick". The sound was excellent and showmanship second to none and another memorable night was had as the band hit us with "Human Fly" , "Bikini Girls With Machine Guns" , "Surfin' Bird" and "Teenage Werewolf"

You can watch the first two songs on here and see what you missed.

Can your Pussy Still Do the Dog?

It Certainly can