Saturday, 2 July 2016

Extreme Noise Terror? - Extreme Metal Party Methinks

Metal Noise
On Wednesday I went to The Riverside to see a gig on the recommendation of several friends. It was going to be loud metal , but as I get older I have tended to come out of gigs without any effect on myhearing , until The Smyths the other week at the O2 , but somebody assured me that was due to the rubbish sound system at the  O2.

Anyway it's so long since I heard Combichrist or Filter and Rabia Sorda were new to me but recommended and they were on stage when I walked into the place. Part of my ethos is that generally , if a band is any good you don't need to know any of there songs , Gallery Circus are a prime example of that for me.

Rabia Sorda look metal and sound metal with goth threatening make up and eyeliner , and I still cant tell you any of their songs although they did play an impromptu acoustic song outside after the gig, they were also very engaging with the crowd both during the gig and after , and , though they were aggressive shouty metal , they sounded good , and no my ears didn't hurt. Rabia Sorda were actually worth the price of admission alone , which is a good omen for the third band on the bill.

Next up were Filter (awkward name to search for but not as bad as !!! )  , and this band really hit me with low frequency bass and drums, but again they sounded amazing and again I can't remember any songs but they played a wonderful set , crowd pleasing and as threatening as any good horror film. So after the Smyths doing my ears filter hit my body , making me feel the slightest bit queasy. The other thing was that their drummer was well hidden so I thought they were using a drum machine, but by the end of the their set you knew you were at an amazing gig , the second of two brilliant acts.

Finally we had Filter's co headliners Combichrist and after the low frequency attack from Filter , Combichrist had something else in store for me. Two drummers and an impressive sonic assault to start with , songs peppered with the word FVCK  and lots of raised metal fists among the crowds. Although bands like these seem to carry a threat for a lot of the public , they are all about having a brilliant time with great shout along songs like "What The Fvck Is Wrong With You"  and playing the encore finale with members of both the other bands.

However part way through the set I had to walk out , my eyes severely affected by the strobe lighting, outside every street light was a massive white brain searing blob. It eventually wore off and I went back it to watch the rest of the gig , and came away knowing I had been to an amazing one.

IF you get a chance to see any of these bands you should do, it was a brilliant re education for me.