Saturday, 31 October 2015

The Wigging Hour Approacheth

I really didn't expect tobe writing this and certainly wasn't going to be taking any pictures , but the Star Spangled Chestwigs had a Halloween Bash at The Doll at The Black Bull and the place was amazingly decorated , the crowd were fantastic and the band just cemented themselves as my favourite live band for a lot of reasons. I 've said all that needs to be said about them them, The play SHITE and their gigs and the greatest fun you can have without getting locked up.

Lots of favourites were played "Swords of A Thousand Men" , "Antmusic" , "Mama Mia" and lots
more. And the night just flew by.

Although tonight is Halloween , last night was a brilliant curtain raiser and if you get yourself back down there tonoght there will be more (Wigless) mayham.

Shev Takes Time Out For A Slash
A wonderful night was had by all , I got to see my brilliant mate Tom and discuss all sorts of intellectual stuff including the merits and robustness of COBOL (which I first used in 1980) as well as enjoying the brilliant set by the Chestwigs.

There's more video on my Youtube Channel here.

And there's more photos here.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

99 Problems and The Chips Aren't One and Fighting Breast Cancer WIth A Big Pink Dress

Monday night I went to see my mate Steffen Peddie's show which gave this piece it's title . I've just realised that I should really get a bit of video to go with it. Steffen  is a great racounteur and can certainly tell a great tale an make your side hurt laughing . The concept of this show is that people put random questions into a bucket and he picks them out and tries to answer them.

The first time I saw him I asked "Why Can't Negative Numbers Have Square Roots?"  and on Monday I asked "What Is The Longest OED Word That Doesn't Contain A Vowel" . He didn't get the end of the second question but still managed to magically weave a comic routine from both questions. The show , because of it's nature is different every time and it takes gits and skill to walk that improvisation tightrope and Steffen proved himself a master in both shows I've seen.

Do I need to say any more , just go and see him

Oh he has a youtube channel here too

Calendar Girl
Secondly  Steffen has a heart of gold because collecting the suggestions were a gorgeous collection of ladies from The Big Pink Dress who are raising awareness and funds to help research in Breast Cancer . To date they have raised over £11,000. Here is their fund raising page.

This is information about their calendar:

Calendars selling quickly but we do have some in stock now at the Visitor Centre in Haven Point, Pier Parade, South Shields. £6.00 in person or £7.35 inc P&P. Telephone 0191 4247788