Monday, 3 February 2014

Los Coyotemen Hang Up The Hood

..well until next time. This was the Curtain Call of The Coyotemen, and a brilliant night it was too.

First up were the Exes , who seemed to veer (in a good way) between Link Wray and Pavement with with B52's verve. Not sure of the title of the song but click on the name and you can get to their Facebook page or rather you could if I could find them as the Exes is a TV series according to Facebook. Definitely a band to watch.

Next were the more muscular Mansions of Glory, with some solid rock noise, which went down very well with the crowd, you eight minutes of them in the video below. Again well worth going out of your way for.

Finally the band everyone was waiting for Los Coyotemen, and they did not disappoint. The crowd got their moneys worth (ok it was a free gig but you know what I mean). Lot's of Coyotemen Classics capped by the return of Helmut Bruiser with Loopy Lopez. The doorman tried to eject Helmut but didn;t succeed and the Coyotemen went on to deliver another memorable set.

I hope they're back again soon but there's a few videos from the night on my video channel here. Check out all the Coyotemen posts here.