Saturday, 21 June 2014

Bad Pollyanna, Inertia and Ayria Play Think Tank Newcastle

Tonight was my first time at Think Tank in Newcastle, and my first impression was that it was a bit small. There's nothing wrong with that, and it helped that it wasn't rammed tonight, although anyone who didn't go missed an absolute treat. It also has a decent outdoor balcony area

The music mixed goth , psychobilly and electronica and the fashion was generally steampunk though I played safe in John Martin black Armageddon T-Shirl and everything else black. The crowd had certainly put a lot of effort into  looking good for the the night.

Doors opened at seven , there were three bands and the gig closed at ten thirty, so you could choose where to carry on if you were up to partying. The sound throughout the night was excellent, the bass was door rattling but didnt affect my hearing , though I ended up with a bit of a headache ... I wonder why....

Anyway first up were Bad Pollyanna, the most Goth of all the bands, and the one that I had come to see. I thought they were American but the hail from Huddersfield and and if you get the chance go and see them. One of their songs "Define Me" was written in response to the senseless death of Sophie Lancaster murdered for "looking different". The Sophie Lancaster Foundation was set up to educate people in the hope that this will never be repeated.

Bad Pollyanna at Think Tank
The music is excellent and carries all the trademarks of excellent Goth rock, and is well demonstrated in the video to hollow , which was one of the many excellent songs they aired tonight. As the opening act they played around forty minutes but the music and stage presence was so good that it came and went far too quickly. "Monstrous Child" and "Define Me" were delivered brilliantly. A superb set worth the price of admission for them alone.

Inertia featuring Oscar
Next up were Inertia who have a decent back catalogue, were closer to Republica in sound with a dash of psychobilly and a huge dollop of panache. Two lead singers who doubled on drums which is no mean feat to pull off. The only song I knew was a cover of T Rex's "Children Of The Revolution" , but again the set flew by, great sound and crowd well stimulated.

Ayria in Full Flow
The headliners were Ayria , no drums , no guitars but high energy and more elctronica than goth , but great nonetheless.I managed to fined an hour gig of them so you can see just how good they are. The crowd and band were jumping for an hour and they were the only ones who had time to do a short encore.

All in all a brilliant night and if you et the chance to see any of these bands I totally recommend you take it.