Friday, 17 June 2016

The Dad Horse Experiance In Which A German Dominates The Globe

Last night night my friend Lynn asked me to go to a gig to see The Dad Horse Experience. I thought she'd mis spelt it but she hadn't . The gig was at The Globe which is five minutes walk from Gallowgate, and it's a excellent concert area if a little small , but very intimate. There was a good crowd and everyone was talking to each other.

Essential the band is Dirk Ottn , who turned up in a three piece suit and was talking to everyone in the Globe before taking the stage, His instrumentation for the set I stayed for was a couple of banjos , mandolin , kazoo and bass pedals which were used to excellent effect.

A Dad Horse Beer Mat
He is similar to if a little darker than CW Stoneking but they share a lot of common ground , being excellent raconteurs , drawing you into their world of blues and gospel in their own amazing way, his own Keller-Gospel style , and you have to hear. I could see him playing in a bar in a David Lynch film.

The songs were a mix of original and standards such as "St James Infirmary" , "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" and Hank Williams' "Lost Highway".

The crowd loved every song , and this guy  is an absolute must see,. I spoke to him after the first set and he was great and funny to talk to . He also had the bar selling his own cocktail as well.

I came away with a copy of his Live In Melbourne album , and another must see artist on my list.

The Dad Horse Experience proves that despite music consisting 7 notes plus sharps there is always a new twist round the corner to delight you. Go and see him if you can.