Saturday, 20 May 2017

Early Evening at The Late Shows with Good Music and Moomin Coffee

Newcastle's Grainger Market is probably not the first place on your mind to see a live band , but tonight as part of The Late Shows there were three areas set out as Stages featuring lots of artists between 5 and 9 pm.

I walked in and heard an excellent sound coming from the Grainger Street end being made by Brent and The Brads , a three piece , with the bassist playing what looked like a Hofner violin bass as favoured by Paul McCartney in his early Beatles days. Here's the instagram video of what I walked in on,and I was very impressed. The problem is in any festival situation you need to move around to see and hear more, although I heard them covering "Ain't No Sunshine" efficiently later demonstrating their range.

Next I dropped to KOTA talked with Krista, had some complimentary Moomin Coffee and Finnish Licorice before finding my friend John Lee.

John's Audience
John's Boots

John was on Stage 3 and performed his country rock based set for an appreciative audience despite having forgotten his capo, his audience loved the set.

John was also playing later as part of a combo with Jazz in their name but I've forgotten what it was, but I'm glad I captured a song that Hedley missed for you to enjoy.

I wandered round and returned to see Simon Wood playing three Hangs with a partial drum kit. This was absolutely amazing and you can find out more about him here, you can see a little of his Late Show set here

I met a couple of friends and enjoyed my short time among the cool shops that were open, including Long Play Cafe, and as I am writing this I know across Tyneside events are continuing into the night.

This is my small experience of it.