Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Divinely Trashed Summer Salsa Style

Art the moment the Vamos festival on in full swing on Tyneside with lots of events covering all areas, including food , film , dance and music , with a hot saucy Mexican/ South American / Iberian flavour.

Upcoming with have chocolate , Kid Creole ,  print , a film history of Mexploitation at the Tyneside Cinema curated by my good friend Craig , who this week I found was behind a book about the films of Elvis Presley. Check the link for a full list of events at the festival , lots of then free and all of them worth your time.

Divinely Trashy
This post is a short one about a showing of an Isabel Sarli mexploitation vehicle, The Female, with an excellent introduction by Craig , who pointed it out that it was a true "B" movie , meant to be in Mexico but shot in Argentina ,and dubbed not subtitled , as well as being in black and white . Craig told us that Isabel's make up and hair was always the same whether she was in bed , in the kitchen , or digging a ditch , and was  the inspiration for Divine's look in the numerous John Waters films that he appeared. That fact alone was worth the price of admission and needless to say the film is what you would expect , but great fun to watch. It is available on Amazon here and lots of here films are on Youtube as long as you confirm you age. Every afternoon in the Tyneside Cinema Cafe there are related film clips and music from the genre for you to enjoy.

This was a great start to the week , but the Divine Trash presentations are always worth going along to as you always discover something that you never imagines could be true.

Looking forward to the next one