Thursday, 12 October 2017

Liquer .. Madame and Sirs?

Another review I wasn't intending to write, but tonight I attended an excellent gig by the cleverly named Liquer, and wonderful Cure tribute band. With the lead singer looking and sounding the Robert Smith part down to the lipstick and hair and an unfeasible array of guitars on a smallish stage for the amount of equipment that band played a storming set mixing hits and less obvious songs delighting the crowd.

Maz and Shev have turned the Doll at The Black Bull into an amazing venue and Shev's sound set up for the band was spot on. I got a video of the band playing "Head on The Door" but there is a lot of video online , but even better, go and see them live, and you will get a bit closer than the real Cure.

The gig was put on by Aly Smith to raise money for a Christmas Party for kids in Byker

Liquer's website is here so you can find more video and information on when they are playing.

An absolutely brilliant night, thanks Aly, Liquer, Maz and Shev for making this happen.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Life ... and Nadine Shah

I wasn't intending to write up this gig, but basically it was a stunner.

The support band were from Hull and and the name sort of didn't inspire me, Life. The bassist's T-Shirt stated "It's Never Dull In Hull", and were a basic guitar/ bass / drums / vocals four piece. Their sound was excellent and they won amn initially reticient crowd over in spades. The lead singer had obviously studied Jarvis Cocker but was his own man as he declared Life "Kings of Yorkshire".

I've included the excellent "In Your Hands" and go through to their site or get their album "Popular Music" here. Their Vevo channel is here if you would like to hear more.

Then Nadine Shah appeared. Her singing voice is amazingly powerful almost divorced from her friendly geordie talking voice. Her mum and dad were in the audience in teh packed Sage Hall 2. The sound of the band ais incredibly percussive , often the guitard being just hit, and the saxophone sound recalling Van Der Graaf Generator.

A Nadine Shah gig is an experience and if you get the chance of seeing her , you need to do it as soon as possible.

She is not easy listening but she is essential listening. The song "Holiday Destination" inspiredby the self serving reaction of holiday makers when refugess wer washed ashore on a Mediterranean beach.

Ig you can't get to a gig get her albums.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Early Evening at The Late Shows with Good Music and Moomin Coffee

Newcastle's Grainger Market is probably not the first place on your mind to see a live band , but tonight as part of The Late Shows there were three areas set out as Stages featuring lots of artists between 5 and 9 pm.

I walked in and heard an excellent sound coming from the Grainger Street end being made by Brent and The Brads , a three piece , with the bassist playing what looked like a Hofner violin bass as favoured by Paul McCartney in his early Beatles days. Here's the instagram video of what I walked in on,and I was very impressed. The problem is in any festival situation you need to move around to see and hear more, although I heard them covering "Ain't No Sunshine" efficiently later demonstrating their range.

Next I dropped to KOTA talked with Krista, had some complimentary Moomin Coffee and Finnish Licorice before finding my friend John Lee.

John's Audience
John's Boots

John was on Stage 3 and performed his country rock based set for an appreciative audience despite having forgotten his capo, his audience loved the set.

John was also playing later as part of a combo with Jazz in their name but I've forgotten what it was, but I'm glad I captured a song that Hedley missed for you to enjoy.

I wandered round and returned to see Simon Wood playing three Hangs with a partial drum kit. This was absolutely amazing and you can find out more about him here, you can see a little of his Late Show set here

I met a couple of friends and enjoyed my short time among the cool shops that were open, including Long Play Cafe, and as I am writing this I know across Tyneside events are continuing into the night.

This is my small experience of it.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Jah Wobble with Smokin' Coconuts

My first paid gig of the year was to see Jah Wobble at The Cluny. There was a support which turned out to be The Smokin' Coconuts who opened with "Animals" , very reminiscent of The Baghdaddies and I was immediately hooked.

After forty minutes they left the stage to applause.

Jah Wobble and combo were on stage very quickly and we were treated to heavy subsonic bass, lots of dub sound and absolute diamond geezer banter. Jah Wobble's back catalogue is probably as huge as anyone you can think of covering almost every spectrum and influence you can think of barring outright commercialism.

Last night they revisited Metal Box and Harry J All Stars "Liquidator" amid new stuff and favourites.

I know this is short but what else can I say about a man who is a total down to earth legend , entertaining , accessible and challenging all in the same package. If you get the chance to see either Jah Wobble or The Smokin' Coconuts take up the opportunity, you will not regret it.