Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Life ... and Nadine Shah

I wasn't intending to write up this gig, but basically it was a stunner.

The support band were from Hull and and the name sort of didn't inspire me, Life. The bassist's T-Shirt stated "It's Never Dull In Hull", and were a basic guitar/ bass / drums / vocals four piece. Their sound was excellent and they won amn initially reticient crowd over in spades. The lead singer had obviously studied Jarvis Cocker but was his own man as he declared Life "Kings of Yorkshire".

I've included the excellent "In Your Hands" and go through to their site or get their album "Popular Music" here. Their Vevo channel is here if you would like to hear more.

Then Nadine Shah appeared. Her singing voice is amazingly powerful almost divorced from her friendly geordie talking voice. Her mum and dad were in the audience in teh packed Sage Hall 2. The sound of the band ais incredibly percussive , often the guitard being just hit, and the saxophone sound recalling Van Der Graaf Generator.

A Nadine Shah gig is an experience and if you get the chance of seeing her , you need to do it as soon as possible.

She is not easy listening but she is essential listening. The song "Holiday Destination" inspiredby the self serving reaction of holiday makers when refugess wer washed ashore on a Mediterranean beach.

Ig you can't get to a gig get her albums.

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