Saturday, 24 September 2016

My Vertigo Swirl - Status Quo - Piledriver

Today I got hold of a Vertigo Swirl album (full swirl not metallic mini swirl) and they are difficult to track down. It's a 1972 version of Status Quo's Piledriver which is actually a very good album, containing the excellent Paper Plane and their take on The Door's Roadhouse Blues. I posted  a video on Instagram here.

This sort of the thing that makes me recollect vinyl. It looks amazing playing. In the video below is Black Sabbath's Paranoid and a copy of that will set you back around £150. Even the Swirl Inner sleeves sell for a tenner so they are actually a good investment.

My Status Quo album cost me £15 which is the going rate for a new vinyl album, but essentially I got it for the effect that you get when you play it, it's funny I never really thought of it when I played my Vertigo records in my teens, but maybe I see things a bit differently now.

Anyway enjoy , the videos. These vinyl pieces are things of true beauty.

There is a book on the label and various Youtube videos , just search for Vertigo Swirl.