Wednesday, 7 October 2015

99 Problems and The Chips Aren't One and Fighting Breast Cancer WIth A Big Pink Dress

Monday night I went to see my mate Steffen Peddie's show which gave this piece it's title . I've just realised that I should really get a bit of video to go with it. Steffen  is a great racounteur and can certainly tell a great tale an make your side hurt laughing . The concept of this show is that people put random questions into a bucket and he picks them out and tries to answer them.

The first time I saw him I asked "Why Can't Negative Numbers Have Square Roots?"  and on Monday I asked "What Is The Longest OED Word That Doesn't Contain A Vowel" . He didn't get the end of the second question but still managed to magically weave a comic routine from both questions. The show , because of it's nature is different every time and it takes gits and skill to walk that improvisation tightrope and Steffen proved himself a master in both shows I've seen.

Do I need to say any more , just go and see him

Oh he has a youtube channel here too

Calendar Girl
Secondly  Steffen has a heart of gold because collecting the suggestions were a gorgeous collection of ladies from The Big Pink Dress who are raising awareness and funds to help research in Breast Cancer . To date they have raised over £11,000. Here is their fund raising page.

This is information about their calendar:

Calendars selling quickly but we do have some in stock now at the Visitor Centre in Haven Point, Pier Parade, South Shields. £6.00 in person or £7.35 inc P&P. Telephone 0191 4247788

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