Saturday, 7 May 2011

One Drummer - Two Guitarists - Three Chords - Four Leather Jackets

Gotta say last night was a bit of a revelation, the started started with Pitbull's brand of thrashy hard punk, with Shev in good voice and some excellent covers - Screamager , Holiday in Cambodia , In A Ruyt and Staring at The Rude Boys. During the latter song Fitzee remarked "When I first heard this I was down in the mosh pit , now I'm thinking 'Ooh there's a seat'"!! , brilliant stuff and well worth the price of admission , except this was a free gig!! But we'd pay to see them , and a great support.

The Rawmones Backdrop
The Rawmones (website with videos and MP3s here) started setting u pand certain signs didnt bode well , the bassist was bald , and the guitarist didnt seem to be entering into the spirit of things. We neednt have worried. Driven by the power house of Adas Pepper on Drums (who also designs all the graphics , the backdrop , and plays in the Charlotte Yanni Band , Reet Hot Chili Peppers and Wonky Chomp) , wigs and leather jackets were donned and the Ra(w)mones were there in the Star . 1-2-3-4 go . Someone once said Ramones songs are like smarties , you can't have just one , you always scoff the whole tube , and last night was like that .

Fitzee reckoned these were the second best band in the world! If you get a chance to see them , do it , the are a sonic and visual treat. Wht did they play , it doesnt matter , it was brilliant, Cretin Hop , Rock'n'Roll High School , 53rd & 3rd , The KKK Took My Baby Away dedicated to Pitbull , and a million more. Will get some video up on here later , but if you get a chance to see this lot , DO NOT MISS!!

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