Wednesday, 13 July 2011

No Money Down: MOTFEST 2011

The Mouth of Tyne Festival 2011 was the first one that was a ticket (£2.50) only event for the Sunday festival in The Priory. I nearly missed out but mty friend Sarah let me have hers. The details are here.

In the street there were some amazing exhibitions like these dinosaurs!!

The line up ran thus:

13:00 Martin Stephenson

           Played some excellent folk and rockabilly stuff getting th ecrowd of to an excellent start.

14:00 Fuel Fandango
           Didnt see these but heard excellent reports.

15:00 Smoove and Turrell
           Didnt see these either

16:00 Neville Staple Band
           Some excellent ska covers (Johnny Too Bad , Pressure Drop) , Specials numbers (Ghost Town ,
           Gangsters) and one or two originals . Well worth seeing and had the crowd jumping.

17:00 Buzzcocks
           Headlining act and they were superb helmed by Shelley and Diggle , finding room in their
          set   for my two favourites (Why Can't I Touch It? and Love You More() , tearing through loads
          of hits in thesun , and encoring with Harmony In My Head , Ever Fallemn In Love and
          Orgasm   Addict.

There's a lot of photographs from the day here
A superb day , but next year I'll be getting my ticket early!!

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