Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Fantastic Mr Old Fox

Shev's Fayre
Two of my great friends rescued The Old Fox in Felling from bing turned into flats. The location is fall off Felling Metro and then into the front door, it's probably almost more convenient for me than The Doll at The Black Bull, but anyway.....

Coming it it's a fantastic atmosphere, and everyone was really friendly and talkative, I'd gone with my friend Lynn so obviously she knows everyone in the world, but this isn't a pub review, however it's one of a group of three pubs plus Jaz's Fish Bar withing sight of each other. If the original singer with Marillion has a Jazz Club would it be Fish's Jazz Bar? Whatever.

Rigid Digits in Stage
Anyway the the icing on this cake was the excellent Rigid Digits , a Stiff Little Fingers tribute band with a brilliant front man who was extremely affable and friendly despite me mistaking him for the guy out of AKQ Stottin.

The venue is small but the sound was great and the band opened with "Roots ,Radicals,Rockers, Reggae" and their set makes you want to get out your SLF albums when you get home.

The between song banter is great with the odd swear word thrown in in the best possible taste. They are definitely another of my favourite live bands and you should catch them if you can. A brilliant gig , great attitude and great fun.

Part of a fantastic night at The Old Fox in Felling.

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  1. Wish Shev and Maz all the bezt running The Old Fox and hope it's as busy as it was on Tuesday EVERY night! Rigid Digits were their awesome best and Pea made sure everyone said happy 50th birthday to my husband Paul :-) The Fox has an amazing atmosphere and deserves to do a roaring trade (just like the gorgeous real fire! Dead cosy and warm!) Highly recommend The Fox and if you get a chance to see Rigid Digits, please do because they're the BEST SLF tribute band in the North!!! Love you all, Ruth and Paul XoxoxoxoxoxoX


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