Friday, 20 November 2015

Not Your Typical Victorians - Charlie

Gorgeous Dress
I wasn't expecting to be writing this but after such a great night at Think Tank , meeting people like Daniel and Pete and my friends Gillian and Moira, and seeing the amazing costumes that people were wearing , really how could I not?

The Men Who Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing were promoting their new album Not Your Typical Victorians with their hybrid rockney metal edge. Their comic timing is impeccable , they look great , have a musical saw ,and had the crowd up starting with the title track of the new album through some excellent material such as Charlie , a but of Hey Jude , lots of crowd joining in songs before finishing their encore with Isembard Kingdom Brunel.

They are Steampunk and here is a definition from Impossible Gears:

Steampunk is a design aesthetic rooted in Victorian Science Fiction. Steampunk items are characterised by a high level of craftsmanship and imaginative use of traditional materials combined with unusual additions such as clockwork mechanisms

Daniel and Pete

Daniel and Bo Peep
They really are a must see band and the crowd they attract look great and are incredibly welcoming and friendly.

Another brilliant night , these are a band on my automatic must see list.

If you haven't seen them , do something about it now, at least buy their new album.

And I met Pete, and Daniel of Impossible Gears which has some amazing looking stuff on there. These are the sort of people you meet there

Go on get out !!

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