Saturday, 23 January 2016

Remembering Bowie

I've done tributes to David Bowie in this and here and in a remarkable piece of idiocy I was nearly three hours late for last night's BowieBall 2 at Vamos  put on by Divine Trash , managing to miss all the performances and so kust managed to enjoy the people and the music and the company.

Who Am I?
I read the 19:00 start as 9:00 start , which I thought was late , but you know these things happen. The last time I went to a gig at Vamos I trusted Google Maps on My Phone and ended up at ten o clock on Friday night outside an old peoples home in West Denton. I am obviously too reliant on technology.

Anyway last night the gig raised £1500 for to support Teenage Cancer Trust to support the Great North Children's Cancer Ward at the RVI , so great thanks to Divin Trash for putting it.

The music was excellent , lots of dancing and a huge age spectrum , my only observation on the music was they played "Let's Dance" twice (a great song but you never have to play a Bowie song twice , oh OK , so you do). and they did inclue "Holy Holy" one of my favourite Bowie "B" Sides.

Also some Roxy Music, Sweet and Sparks were played , all records in my collection which I bought when they first came out. 

Flo Works on a difficult canvas

I also have to thank the lovely Flo for doing my make up , and lets face it that must have been a task.


I was sad I missed the Ronsonettes and the other performances , but that's my own lack of observation , a certain person is going to want to shoot me,

A brilliant night and just full of amazing people , raising money for a great cause , in memory of a truly great person , sadly missed , but we have his music and his films forever. He will live forever in our memories.

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  1. I am glad you were able to experience that. Thank you for letting us know how it went. It is wonderful to see that is was a fundraiser for such a good cause as well.


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