Sunday, 6 March 2016

Quality Cheese During Prohibition

More Cheeses Vicar?
This is another post I wasn't going to write about , but I have to tell you about a truly excellent night promoted by Divine Trash at The Prohibition Cabaret Bar in Gateshead on the Sounth East Side of the Tyne Bridge in one of the Railway Arches.

The evendt was The Wrong Side of Cheese and was thoroughly enjoyable , with some class sounds spun by the two DJs Sheena and Juli . It's great to see somone choosing the discs rather than just kicking of a computer playlist.

The surrounding of the bar are conducive to an excellent party atmosphere and the proprietor Mitch is a friendly great guy.

The night was LGBT friendly but that didn't exclude terribly boring , straignt and narrow people like myself. I also was "hellowed" by a few people I didn't recognise , but I think everyone made a great effore on their looks apart from me.

The sound level was perfect,  enabling  conversation, even with people you had never met . The bar was quick to serve, and the look and feel of the pace was brilliant.

I've only DJd a few times and that was with vinyl , but last night we were treated to Kylie , Abba , Donna Summer and lots more, four hours of great friendly fun.

So I'll leave you with one of the songs from the night , by the rather excellent Gina G.

I am looking forward to the next one , if they will let me come.

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