Sunday, 3 June 2018

Heavy, Loud, Gothic and Looking Great

I noticed Bad Pollyanna were playing Newcastle's Think Tank? again so was determined not to miss them again, and £11 to see a band you want to see is not too expensive except ......

This gig was being promoted in conjunction with Novacrow and Sick'n'Beautiful (details here) which I didn't realise were other bands on the bill, I though they may have just been promoters, but it turned out instead of one band worth seeing I saw three amazing bands.

Novacrow were first up and though the bowler hatted lead guitarist cum judderman (Jonyx) was an amazing visual sight, and Kitty the singer had an excellent voice as well astoting an excellent guitar and suitable gothic front lady attire, very black and white.

The rhythm section of Federico and Torben kept it tight and heavy. I did video on song "Mantra" but  the sheer heaviness and small venue plus my camera knowledge resulted in unlistenable footage, but luckily I bought their "Black Syrup" EP from Kitty which means I ca list their names and listen to them properly. Another band on the "see again list".

I managed to find a promo video for "Fight The  Horde" so turn it up and you have some idea of what to expect.

Bad Pollyanna were next up and this is the third time I have seen them, you can check out their youtube channel here, again steeped in Goth and Horror and similar to Novacrow, so that is two bands to satisfy dark musical tastes, although they are both great fun and very approachable. Aad again I was not disappointed but Bad Pollyanna were even louder and heavier than Novacrow.

They are great supporters of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, which is another reason to support them.Please visit the site to find out more.

I could have left after either of these bands and not felt short changed.

Finally we got Sick'n'Beatiful. The price of the ticket included a download of their latest album so I knew what to expect, but as well as their music you get a visual feast as well, with incredible costumes and back drops . Probably one on the most impressive bands I've seen at the venue and the experience reminds me a little of GOAT with their impressive visual display.

Every band was worth the admission fee alone, so check all of these out at  your earliest convenience.

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