Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Stand Delivers

You know how in life you're always going to do something , visit somewhere , meet someone , well The Stand in Newcastle was getting like that with me . Anyway the catalysts for my eventual visit was that the brilliant John Scott was MCing a charity night in aid of Blood Red - a local Blood Cancer Charity.

I'd noticed the line up which turned out to be absolutely excellent , every act delivering a brilliant set.

The layout of the Stand is amazing , Restaurant / Bar area upstairs , with a huge outdoor area which is fine if you need a tab , but will be even better in summer. The stage is small , but comedians dont take up that much room since Bernard Manning passed away. Also there is a decent bar in the auditorium area.

We sat at the back , but my friends were horrified when I agreed to fill one of the empty front row tables. "They wont pick on you , I promise , they always go for the second row" the guy from The Stand promised . He lied. But it was an absolutely excellent night.

You sort of feel wrong saying one act is better than another, but Nick Cranston was a revelation , young , tall , be-hearing aided , bespectacled and bloody funny.

Simon Donald did a brilliant take on your street survey guy, Barry Twyford.

Nicola Mantalios-Lovett opened and harrased me much to everyones amusement , but she let me stroke her face before accusing me of being a pervert (cue huge guffaws).

Gavin Webster wrapped up proceedings with the longest set and much laughter. and all this book ended by John Scott!

There was an emotional presentation of a cheque for £12,704.27 , I think , which will help ne charity projects for Bright Red . The fundraisers have done an amazing job.

Anyway , The Stand should definitely be on your places to go list!!

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