Sunday, 22 January 2012

Star and Shadow , Barbarella and Women In Revolt

Sometimes for a post you need to think about a headline , but my inauguration to the Star and Shadow an Friday night provided it's own .The Star and Shadow at Shieldfield is a setting for almost sixties style happening and fun nights . They may be film or bands or both . Seating includes tables , chairs , settees , the bar sells alcohol and chocolate and you are handily placed for The Tanners pub as well.

Friday night commenced with a showing of Barbarella , sixties Dino De Luarentis film with Jane Fonda's opening  outer space strip tease , a perfect curtain raiser for the night . Part of the fucn was wondering if the people in dresses were male or female , I reckon most were female and all looked the part.

The band were Women In Revolt , taking their name from the Paul Morrisey  1971 film  "Andy Warhol's Women In Revolt" featuring Candy Darling and Jackie Curtis . Essentially Wayne / Jayne County inspired garage rock fronted by a definite transvestite , and featuring a female guitarist who opened with and excellent brooding cover of Link Wray's  "Rumble" . Unfortunately I can't uncover any details of the band apart from they are playing Gateshead Central on 8th of February and curate a Susnday session at The Cumberland Arms. Anyway the songs I remember were "Are You A Girl or Are You A Boy?" and Wayne County's "Man Enought To Be A Woman" and "Fuck Off" plus a few others before reprising "Are You A Girl or Are You A Boy?" to close the set.

Will be back to the Star and Shadow soon and also checking out Women In Revolt , and next time will take my camera. A Wonderful Night!!

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