Sunday, 14 July 2013

Mouth of Tyne Festival 2013

The Stage and some ruins
I'm writing this suffering from heat exhaustion and possibly a little sunstroke despite being well covered in the Priory. Details of the progam can be found here. Anyway this year they decided once in you couldnt come back out , so we'd missed ICENI , incidentally named after a tribe in Britannia (or Britain) who inhabited an area corresponding roughly to the modern-day county of Norfolk from the 1st century BC to the 1st century AD.

We heard The Longsands from outside the Priory and the did sound excellent. I'll be checking them out but follow the link to their site where you can cop a listen.

Next up were Kitten and the Hip from Brighton who again sounded fine , and at this point we went into the impressive confines of the Priory and Castle.  Again check out their web site . Mpouth of Tyne Festivals sledom have duff bands on (last one I think was Dean Friedman).

Aswad we next up and the crowd enjoyed them , though I find their songs a little bland , though the finishing pair of "Don't Turn Around" and "Shine" were strong. Official site here.

The  Wonder Stuff  did not disappoint with a mixture of hits and album tracks , "Size Of A Cow" , "Don't Let Me Down" , "Red Berry Joy Town" , "Unbearable" and more , Miles Hunt and crew were most excellent.  Official site here.

Anyway it was another great day , and am looking forward to next years. I may expand with this with a couple of Wonder Stuff videos.

Some Ruins and The Bars and Hog Roast

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