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Another Great Night At Think Tank?

Punishment Tour
I nearly didn't make this gig tonight, the tickets could only be delivered by post if you ordered on line, RPM had not been informed of the gig and are the normal outlet in Newcastle for Think Tank? tickets , and Think Tank? weren't answering the phone, so I hoped I could pay on the door, and they let me in when I got there.

When I got in I noticed a lot of people were putting in ear plugs. The gig to me didn't sound too load , is that because I'm getting old or are todays youth soft/sensible? I remember Ted Nugent said "If It's Too Loud, You're Too Old" yet HE wore earlpugs, but we all know he'sa numpty.

Almost two months back I had my first gig at Think Tank? in Newcastle (apparently the question mark is part of the name) , essentially to see Bad Pollyanna, who were third on the bill with Ayria and Inertia. I was really impressed with them that night , and they were on with two excellent bands.

Tonight they were as part of the support on the William Control Punishment Tour , along with AshesToAngels and local lad Nic Wood.

The gig was better attended than the last one , and the atmosphere great, everyone one was friendly and dressed as you'd expect on what essentially was a GOTH night, but I was expecting three bands so was surprised when Nic Wood took the stage,

Nic Wood

Nic Wood @ Think Tank?
Nic Wood is a nice guy , and to talk to him he's really engaging and fun , and so is his onstage banter, however though he only has an acoustic guitar, the songs and performance are an incendiary fire storm, the guitar style wandering into flamenco on speed with needles. It isn't easy listening but the crows loved him and worth seeing if you get the chance , although thanks to Youtube youcn without leaving your chair! My friend Jane said "He's mental, but good mental" , an excellent evaluation and a great opener for the night. The video below is Nic at the O2 Academy

Bad PollyAnna

Bad Pollyanna were the band that I'd come to se, and are great promoters of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation (Click on the link to find out more and support them, and if anything were better than last time, although you would expect that. It surely cant be long before they are headlining at bigger venues than this. They were the purest Goth act on the night and the sound and performance was perfect. Opening with "Monstrous Child", they went through their excellent repertoire which I am a lot more familiar with including "Define Me" and "Hollow". After the gig they asked to meet with fans for photographs and I saw a lovely one of  Olivia with my friend Barbara's niece Melissa. Incidentally the drummers name is Valerian , a name used by Gary Numan when he was in Tubeway Army! All in all another brilliant gig.


AshestoAngels are a Bristol band who play very fast with smiles on their faces and my first impression was Slipknot without the masks on speed. I tried to get pictures but the singer was all over the stage like he was on a rocket powered pogo stick, as the set progressed either the songs got better or I got more used to the sound, but by the end of the set I thought they were great and so did the crowd. I can't remember any of the song names , but 666 was shouted a lot during the opener. I didn't know if I'd stay for long after Bad Pollyanna, these guys kept me there with a brilliant set. I don't know if they played Dorian but the video is great, see this and you'll want to see them.

William Control

William Control were the band most of the crowd had come to se, with the crowd chanting "William". The band look amazing , I was thinking Michael Buble via The Addams Family and early Alice Cooper. They showed great taste by coming on to Sam Cooke's "Touch The Hem Of His Garment", both appropriate and inappropriate at the same time , a wonderful gospel song to introduce a very darkside band!.

The vocals were excellently stylised and enunciated and supported by an excellent, if disturbingly attired, band. Not for the faint hearted , very dark , but again they should be playing bigger venues. They were, for me, a great finale to another great night at Think Tank? The crowd were ecstatic and I assume went home wanting more.

The Price We Pay was the opener last night, to give you an idea of what they sound like.

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  1. I was also there, really enjoyed the gig and all of the acts but have to say, Think Tank's organisation sucks. Neither this nor the last very poorly attended Bad Pollyanna gig (with Ayria & Inertia) were listed on their website - which also doesn't actually say where it is - and any attempts to get them to clarify it via FB failed. Both times doors opened late - this time an hour late. Beer prices are stupidly high for essentially a student aged audience. Makes me wonder if they really wish to be associated withe the goth / alt crowd...



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