Monday, 18 August 2014

Two Sevens Clash again with Culture

One of my favourite albums of the seventies was Two Sevens Clash by Culture, which I was introduced to by the late great John Peel (Tom Ravenscroft's dad). I was surprised to see a facebook post for Culture , appearing at the Cluny supported by the Rasites a British Roots band , so quickly checked up and yes this was Culture. Th eplace was full not rammed and there was some dub playing until the Rasites came on about 9 ...

The Rasites

The Rasites
Immediately engaged with the crowd, and playing songs and grooves that whether you knew them or not , you were into within seconds of them starting. The crowd were under their spell and they started with an instrumental before launching into songs. I'm sorry I cant give you a tracklist but I would definitely pay to see this band and by the time they said they were playing their last song after a half hour the crowd were in love with them.


Culture backed by The Rasites
Then the surprise was that the Rasites bassist said Culture were coming on and the Rasites stayed as the backing band. The magic of Culture is that as soon as a song starts you are into it whether you know it or not and the crowd were dancing and singing along with all choruses, with lots of references to Jah , Rastafari , and Ganja with a chant of "Legalize It" which is a sentiment any sensible person would agree with.

The place was hot as were the band who still cut it and this was the fourth brilliant gig I have been to this August and we are only two and a half weeks it. There is another on this Friday but tonight has been a Culture night and I will be checking out the Rasites again. If you get the chance to catch Culture on this tour do it, you will not be disappointed and if you see the Rasites on any bill check them out , they are a brilliant band.

OK that's it , I'm off to bed now.

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